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Is it OK to take vinegar and honey shortly after taking thyroid medication?

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endlessPred 13 Sep 2012

Hello. No, it is not a good thing to do. No coffee, tea or anything else. Thyroid med is taken first thing in morning with water only.

30 minutes later you may eat or drink anything you choose.

If you take something before the time is up you affect the amount of medicine in your system and that will change how your medicine works. You would not have as much and will need a higher dose over time.

any other questions?

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vqrobe 13 Sep 2012

Thanks, endlessPred! I asked the question for my sister and I will relay this info to her. What do you think about chewing Synthroid? My understanding for the "full glass of water" with the med is that it disolves quickly and could cause choking.

endlessPred 13 Sep 2012

No water is to wash it down into your stomach and have enough liquid present to dissolve the pill in the stomach. If it dissolves in the mouth you will not get a full dose because some of it will be in the teeth, back of throat and so forth. Since the pill is so tiny, if problems swallowing, break it in half on the scored line and swallow one half with water and then wash down the second half. No chewing, please.

endlessPred 13 Sep 2012

No way would one choke on this. It is very tiny.

meyati 14 Sep 2012

Medications aren't meant to be chewed. They take effect as they dissolve in the stomach. If chewed they might pass through the system too soon and not work. Also, some can be spit out, like chew one up, and brush your teeth. There's a tremendous amount of transfer from our mouths. The thyroid belongs in our stomachs, not on a glass. Drink with water or what ever--It's only in the last few years that they've been saying to take thyroid meds at a certain time-blah, blah, blah--- I've been doing this since 1985 or 87 the following way: I have mine with a cup of coffee, before, with or after breakfast. It's like this- daylight, the hounds, or phone wakes me up-if a grandson hasn't broken down, needs gas, grand-daughter-in-law doesn't need a ride to work because her car broke down, I draw a bath, check on my disabled vet son, fix breakfast, have a bath-answer the phone- help my son up- and somewhere along the line-I usually take my thyroid pill. The main thing is to take it. People have been taking thyroid like this since the 1960s -I'm 70-and I'm getting ready for a dump run tomorrow. The only thing holding me back is that the FDA approved a med that poisons people and it messed up my legs and energy. My thyroid shifts around about every 10 years-and that happens to people that do exactly as what is said above about taking it before breakfast, etc. My thyroid screens stay static for years, then the body makes a change. I've had endocrinologists tell me that this happens to almost everybody. --- I've found stress and diet to be more of a factor. Now the question is why anybody wants to take vinegar with honey? Is it a type of cough syrup? I make mine out of honey and lemon juice. She does need to take it daily, and never double up if she misses a day, as that will throw the body in a shock. Just swallow one pill a day with liquid. 2 days ago I took mine with 7 Up.

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vqrobe 14 Sep 2012

Sissy takes honey and vinegar for an altogether different reason... she takes that for back problems related to bulging discs and spinal stenosis since surgery did not do the trick for her; also the honey is for sinus problems. I've taken Synthroid for 15-20 years as a result of high cholesterol associated with inactive thyroid... thankful me, the only medication I take!!

meyati 14 Sep 2012

Interesting--- I use warm salt water and use a squeeze bulb to clean out my sinuses every day-16 ounces. Vinegar for a bulging disc- can't say that I've heard that one B4. Most everybody here hurts and has different problems. It's easy 2B focused on American medicine with all of the pills. My son takes about a dozen different meds every day, and wears a tens unit for his discs. He's a messed up vet that was seriously injured at sea. The VA also provides acupuncture that I didn't believe in.His situation is different, as the VA provides meds, and different alternate therapies that don't depend only on pain killers, etc. I think that most people here are trapped into one type of thing by the civilian system and the DEA. Many people are shuffled from one doctor to another- with radical changes-there isn't any oversight and coordination of care. If they ask their doctors or insurance questions, they are accused of being dope addicts, etc.

endlessPred 14 Sep 2012

Meyati. Please, with all due respect, talk with a pharmacist or your physician on the taking of thyroid medicines. If I was told it was safe I would certainly want that half an hour back every morning. However, in the hospital, been there recently, and with my endocrinologist, they insist this is the right way to take it and causes the least amount of problems. Perhaps it is because my thyroid was removed. I know we both mean well. I work off the information I am given. Thanks, Karen

meyati 14 Sep 2012

Why do you think that I don't talk to my doctor? I live in a state that requires an annual TSH. I take thyroid- I'm not having thyroid problems, My TSH is stabilized. My doctor knows exactly how I feel. How long have you been taking thyroid supplement? I've been taking it for about 30 years.

meyati 14 Sep 2012

By the way- my pharmacist lied to me the first of the month and last week told me that a thyroid warning doesn't mean anything- So why should I waste my time talking to this new pharmacist that doesn't seem to know anything about thyroid.-The pharmaceutical company was glad that I didn't end up in the hospital-all i needed was an antihistamine. free discount card

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