My doctor just prescribed my viibryd for ocd and I'm very reluctant to take it
I'm currently on 25 mg of lamictal twice a day
And 40 mg of adderal
(Four 10 mg pills throughout the day)
I know anti depressants are not supposed to be with stimulants but I also know some people have don't it and don't have an issue , and my doctor assured me it will not be but I'm very nervous about it
I was on 200xr seroquill for a while and when I went off it lost 70 pounds I'm terrified the viibryd is going to sabatoge that all!
I have read weight reviews but they were very black and white , some gained massive weight and some lost I know some people on viibryd take it for weight loss but I guess I'm just confused
It's pretty much my last option for my ocd (it's eating me alive)
So I'm wondering if anybody else has had any good experiences with it , or bad I just need to know exactly what I'm getting into because the anxiety about this is ruining my life !