Hey friends,

I hope you are all doing well. I appreciate your emails, support and your friendship. I'm wondering if anyone takes Straterra or the equivalent in combination with Viibryd?? I'm pretty happy with both of them at the present time.

My struggle with Viibryd has been well documented here, but I truly do feel so much better. My own mother and a woman who actually raised me (and was more like a Mother,) both passed away at Christmas-2010 and 2011 respectively. I've had some moments of sadness, but this year I haven't felt disabled by it like in the past. I attribute this to Viibryd and I'm grateful.

I've been able to successfully discontinue Buproprion, which was my longtime friend-about 10 yrs. I just thought I'd have to take it all my life. My goal is to get off all my meds, but not looking forward to discontinuing the Clonazepam I take for sleep. While i have your ear(s,) can anyone tell me about their experience getting off Clonazepam?

I take the Straterra for symptoms of adult ADD. My thinking has been much clearer to be sure. It has helped me feel less overwhelmed and the biggest plus-I don't lose things 100 times per day. I now only misplace my cellphone, keys, sunglasses or wallet about 20 times per day-ha ha! Seriously, it has helped tremendously with my concentration.

Just wondering if there's anything I should know about the Viibryd/Straterra/Conazepam combo. I'm loving the world since Viibryd, but must admit it still has me a little spooked. I wouldn't be surprised if they "update" the side effects and contraindications sometime soon.

Hope you're all finding some joy in the holiday season, whether that be Hannukah or Christmas. I appreciate each of you and wish you all good things in the year to come.

Love from 4N Substances