Trying to determine if it's the Viibryd.Took 10 mg X 3wks and started getting headaches that got worse by day 5-7(I don't get them). Took 20mg for 4 days and was incapacitate w/ what is one continual migraine. My affect has been very flat-no change in MDD exc less rage/tears but I mostly stare at wall all day. Called company and was told migraine headaches are #1 reason for discont. drug so did I miss a comment?. In the pkg insert 5.6, headache (not migraine) is 8/12 under reasons for discontinuation. Cannot take migraine drugs called triptans w/ Viibryd.
I have not been on any AD's since genetic testing finding liver metabolism problem with being a poor metabolizer through P450-2D6. Pkg insert sect 12.3 on "Metabolism and Elimination" states
CYP3A4 is primarily responsible for metab, with minor contributions from CYP2C19 and CYP2D". Section 7.3 re "Inhibitors of other CYP enzymes" sounds even more "safe" Well... pharmacist at Forest said that was based on initial trials. They followed pts for 1 yr and found that word should be "moderate" not "minor" in 12.3 and wishy-washy'd her way through 7.3. She told me to go to FDA website ( asked her if she could send articles bec couldn't take the light from my computer-no, just abstracts; Read then call back for article. Grrr).
I also have Addison's d. which requires me to keep up my Sodium levels I asked about section 5.7 on "Hyponatremia" (low blood levels of sodium) and got "this is proprietary... )
I am not sure why I had to do the calling and not my provider but after 9 phone calls over 5 days I got told they were "triple booked" bec wk before Xmas and then when provider called said he "was sick".
Do we, as pts, need to hear this?? Not my problem. Just like the providers who mention thier financial problems. There are times to zip it.
You are the neuropsychiatry practice. Hire more help and don't make me feel guilty for calling when you know I am a SI pt.
Provider said drop back to 10 mg X 3-4 d then stop. Forest said to continue X 10 d +/- "as SSRI's help migraines". If I wasn't feeling depressed/anxious in the first pace, I'd for sure be by now!
I find Viibryd to be very much like old tricyclics re cotton mouth, sweet cravings, wt gain. I already couldn't sleep and in the 1 month, has not helped.
I tried tweaking the time of day I take tablet by 3-4 hrs (was still at 10 mg) and felt headaches followed about 2 hrs after dose. I have found, due to nausea, that eating w/ a migraine is ~ impossible. I asked what Forest considers"with food/meal".
During initial trial, the "light breakfast" pts got: glass of juice (not grapefruit), cereal/milk, 2 slices toast w/ butter (jam), 2 c coffee or tea.
the "high fat.prot brkfast" pts: 2 eggs cooked in butter, 2 strips bacon, 2 toast w/ butter/jam, 4 oz hashbrowns, 8 oz whole milk (I didn't write down coffe/tea but assume so). The light brkfast is the minimum amt we should eat w/ each pill-no granola bar, instant breakfast, etc per her. The best results fell towards big breakfast. Yee gads! When you are depressed who will cook and how can you eat? .
So, if I wasn't eating enough, then should have absorbed less but felt the anticholingergic effects of dry mouth, sweet cravings and headaches should have been less.
But, since they weren't forthcoming re the liver metabolism, my Day 1 pill might still be getting metabolized on Day 2, etc, so higher blood levels.
FWIW, tried Pristiq bec they advertised "no 2D6". Whew! I had hot flashes/sweating when I never had hot flashes! Had to stop.
I'm bmmed to hear such great reports and I hope it is something else , not Viibryd causing migraine but I think it's the culprit esp after Forest said so.