Well, I've been on Viibryd for a month, and it's really, really helped my depression and anxiety so on that premise alone I don't want to have to change. But, I have felt like I had the flu every single day so far. I can't eat, I'm throwing up bile/heaving for hours every single day, have serious diarrhea, I've lost a lot of weight because of all this junk (which is good, but this isn't the way I was meaning to, last thing I want is to burn muscle.) Anyone who's dealt with this and stuck with it, does it eventually lessen or did you have to switch meds because it just wouldn't get better? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and please help, I don't want to have to go off of these because this is the first time anything's ever helped my depression, but I can't be sick like this, I can't do anything but laze around because I feel so horrible, and when I do finally feel decent I have no energy