I started Viibryd about two and half weeks ago and it helped me a lot on the 10 mg and then I went up to 20mg well after that week I tried taking the 40 and everything went out of wake I also don't know if it was also cuz I wanted to try taking it in the morning so I didn't take it for one day but, I've been light headed and I been extremely tired like I go to bed at 2am and I get up at maybe 9 or 11am and I was fine but after that 40 I didn't want to move out of the bed I just wanted to sleep the whole day. I wasn't depressed or anything. The other thing is other than the tiredness I have been getting very mad at things lately I was wondering if all this was side effects and it would go away soon if I just stay at 20mg since 40 way to much for me.