I have suffered from depression for close to 20 years now. I had been on Lexapro for the past 7+ years and it seemed to work well. Then menopause hit. Along with starting to take hormones, my doctor decided to switch me to Viibryd. I feel like I'm loosing my mind! I am very angry and bitchy. I cannot sleep, and if I do fall asleep, I don't stay asleep. I'm exhausted. I've gained weight, despite having an upset tummy practically all the the time. Still have night sweats and hot flashes but they are different from the menopause induced ones. I cannot shake the doom and gloom feeling. I'm numb but am hurting emotional if that makes sense. I'm full of self doubt and not just in the present either. I'm starting to doubt decisions over the past few years. Although not suicidal, I just want this all to end! I have no sex drive. And, I have extreme bouts of anxiety! And I mean EXTREME! My heart races, I shake all over, I can't catch my breath and feel like the walls are caving in on me. I've never had to take Xanax and am finding I HAVE to take at least one a day. It's awful! Not to mention the crying. I have experienced uncontrollable crying. It's that deep heart wrenching cry too. I also have fear of the future too I'm talking intense "what if's" that are unwarranted. It's as if my mind and emotions are in overload!
I've made a doctors appointment for the morning. I'm just wondering if anyone welsh has experienced side effects to this extreme. I'm also wondering if I can get back on my Lexapro without problems.