hey everyone , I'm new here and I'm feeling very lost. I am dealing with major depressive disorder and severe social anxiety .. I tried to call my psychiatrist but haven't gotten a call back:

I had titrated to 40mg of Viibryd a month ago. I have been on the 40mg dose now for about two or three weeks. While titrating I experienced no side effects at all and I felt great! now a week ago I had dropped to a major depressive episode, crying all day long at every little thing and experiencing detachment and suicidal thoughts. I am also bruising all over the place. my anxiety is back to how it had been, keeping me from leaving my house, and even taking a lot for me to write here. I had also started throwing and have diarrhea . now the throwing up could be related to my acid reflux , though I'm on medicine for that and hadn't had a problem until now.. I take Viibryd in the morning with breakfast.
i know that it takes 8 weeks, but I want to stop this now. I have been on the 40 for only a week less than a month .. Viibryd all together almost two months. I know it's not recommended to stop without your doctor but I can't get a hold of mine. I guess because it's the weekend

I feel absolutely bottomed out . it's affecting my school , which I take online, and my life in general I am not sure if the bruising is due to the Viibryd but they're random otherwise and have no reason to be there. I can't shake this feeling of being constantly overwhelmed and wanting to give up and shallow breathing. like a constant panic

anyone have any recommendations ?

has anyone had any success with their social anxiety with another medication ?

I had been reading about drugs that are most successful, though I don't know how dated the information was, and it listed Xanax , klonopin, as well as atenolol? and maois..

prior Viibryd I tried brintellix which was another I felt great on for the first week, had new energy, but then couldn't get out of bed due to extreme fatigue.