Hi, newbie here. I have just started taking meds for depression and anxiety after battling with these issues my entire life (currently 28). Finally managed to drag myself to a Dr and got diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Started medication treatment 3 and a half months ago and am still in the trial and error phase. I started with Zoloft but went off of that because I didn't feel it was doing enough. I started at 100mgs and then 150mgs, about a 30 day trial with each. Then switched to Lexapro, (also 30 days) which nothing, and I am currently on 20 mg of Viibryd, which I just can't tolerate due to the side affects and it doesn't feel like it's doing much.

So question part one is: would it be alright to not go up to the 40mg of Viibryd? I am on the starter pack that has the 10/20/40 dosage for the first 3 weeks. Currently on day 11. I go back to my PCP in 10 days. Can I just take the last 3 20mg doses and then go back to the 10mgs so that I'm weened off as much as possible when I go back to my Dr? That's about what my Dr would tell me to do anyway isn't it? I hate this med and any more of it would make me house bound due to stomach issues. Not working is not a great option for me right now.
Pat 2:
I want to go back on the Zoloft because I feel like it did the most good. This sounds weird, but whenever I get frustrated with the Viibryd side affects I start thinking "I want my Z back". Another wrinkle in this tale is that I started feeling like the Zoloft stopped working almost exactly when I had PMS. My cycle is irregular (not on hormonal BC either), and I wasn't paying much attention to the timing of my mood changes so I didn't realize this. In fact, I didn't notice it first-a friend did after looking at my health notes that I keep daily in an app on my phone. Now I'm wondering if I overreacted. I want to try the Zoloft again for a longer period of time (2-3 months at least) on a steady dose. In hindsight, it really did help considerably and I think I have better expectations of what to expect from a medication (ie, there will be bad days that meds can't prevent). Does this sound reasonable? Has anyone else been through something like this? On the flip side of my thinking, I worry that I just want this awful phase of trial and error to be over and I'm compromising. And that I'm over thinking this. Any advise or shared experiences would be helpful. Thank you all.