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My Victoza not working, just a little drop. Starting my 3rd week. When should it really drop?

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amarsailles 21 Mar 2019

How much are you taking? Usually, you start off Victoza at a .6 daily dose. This let's your body adjust to it and prevents side effects. It' not a medical dose and you won't see any effect.

After you move up to 1.2 daily you can start seeing some effects. The full effect is seen when your at 1.8 daily.

Lfroggy 21 Mar 2019

I did work up to the 1.8. Was on 1.8 for 8 days. Got all the symptoms but my sugar just kept going up. Nausea, very tired could not get my energy up. I lost 6 pounds. Went back to doctor today she put me back on Trulicity.

amarsailles 25 Mar 2019

Yeah, if it doesn't work after you get to the 1.8, its probably not what you need. Diabetic drugs work differently. Not all will work for everyone. Victoza works great for me, Farxiga not so well

Lfroggy 25 Mar 2019

I will be taking Trulicity and Jardiance when it gets shipped. I use Express Scripts so have to wait on them. I was so sick with the Victoza and so weak.

amarsailles 25 Mar 2019

Then its good you got off it. You shouldn't take a drug if it makes you miserable free discount card

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