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Victoza - I'm on Victoza for hypothyroidism but I don't have diabetes can anyone answer this please?

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amarsailles 8 Jul 2017

That is a strange one. It is legal for a doctor to prescribe any FDA approved medication even for treating a disease even if the FDA hasn't approved it for that use. Getting an insurance company to pay for it is a different matter.

It's possible that your doctor knows of some study that suggests that Victoza would work because of what kind of hypothriodism you have but I've never seen a study to suggest that. You need to talk to your doctor very seriously about this one.

It really makes no sense to me

Mary1959 8 Jul 2017

Hi amarsailles thank you for your comment is it very strange he said it was in trials for hypothyroidism but my fear is on the victosa forum some people have said this drug can cause thyroid cancer it did do in the testing stage on rats but waa still approved by the fda and a few people have actually contacted thyroid cancer from the forum it was approved for diabetes I'm not seeing my doctor for another month but I'm scared to continue with the treatment just wondered was anyone else on it for hypoth..

amarsailles 8 Jul 2017

Interesting about the clinical trial. Victoza and thyroid cancer is a question. There are animal studies that showed a potential for increase risk of medullary thyroid cancer but it is a very rare form of thyroid cancer- only about 600 cases a year. Not all animals showed a risk for thyroid cancer, the dosage was very high (about 8 times the human dose) and the results inconclusive

I agree it's something to be concerned about but Victoza has many good side effects as well- reduce risk of heart attacks, lower blood pressure and weight loss. Personally, I respond so well to the drug I'd take it for the side effects alone

I'm curious though, did your insurance company pay for it? It's still strange. Victoza is a very expensive drug and there are others for hypothyroidism. Did you not respond to other treatments? I'd be very inquisitive free discount card

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