it scares me to take this medicine since it can cause thyroid cancer. Onglyza is the same thing is Victoza in a much weaker form. the doctor says. I didn't seem to have any problem with the pill. I tried to get zofran for this terrible nausea but the doctor said no. what about Dramamine with that hurt? I want so much to be able to take this medicine but I can't stand this feeling. I'm a caregiver what good does it do to be a caregiver if you're sicker than the patient. I can see where you lose weight since you're too sick to eat. the people who can handle this with no nausea are so lucky. Dr said to try it at night but I have been sick all day today from this I can't even get up. I also take lantus at night this is a new medicine too. I sure hope this nausea goes away because I can't take it.