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Victoza - What causes the "eggyburps". I really notice it after I eat fruit?

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endlessPred 16 Feb 2012

Eggs? Just kidding. Do you have a sulfite allergy? Certain vitamins and herbs can give you that effect if you are sensitive to sulfites. Sulfa drug allergy would be a clue. Sulfites are everywhere. Mayonnaise. Salad dressings, sandwich spreads, dips, creamy stuff. Have you played detective and removed various eggy items from your diet? good luck in your search.

The fruit is probably bringing in air. Most of them are. Juicy and quick to swallow. Especially if you are using a dressing or dip?

endlessPred 18 Feb 2012

Just a quick thought to add. Wine, many dry fruits, trail mix have sulfites. Should this be your troubles, all you can do is read labels and eat fresh. free discount card

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