I then made serious dietary changes with a Cardio Physician & Dieticians input. Having minimal carbs intake. Lots of other dietary sacrfices too. Too much to mention. Started cardio exercising 3to 4 times a week. 2 months past. All 4 in my family made these changes with the intent of achieving a healthier lifestyle. Other 3 members have lost between 5 - 8 kgs in 2.5 months. I haven't lost even 100grams. What I also noticed, every time 1 eat, 15 -20 mins later, I tend to fall asleep. Today I did a Gtt test. First draw levels was 6.9. Had 75ml of glucose, waited for 2 hrs, drew bloods again, results came back at 10.1. My doctor has now prescibed me Victoza. I had my first 0.6 dose today. My questions are:
1. Will this regulate my insulin/ glucose levels, preventing me from falling asleep every time I eat or snack?
2. Will this help me reduce my weight , currently 126kgs, to my goal weight. I.e - 90kgs?
3. Does Victoza assist with the suppression of smoking cravings?