I have had 2 shoulder surgeries and I am a chef in a busy restaurant. I was told after my second surgery that there was a good chance I wouldn't be able to continue my line of work. For about a year after I was recovered I went back to work with only a little pain. But now I have horrible acute and chronic pain in my shoulder. I was taking very high doses of Tylenol to cope with the pain, but after a couple liver function tests I needed an alternative. I was first put on Tylenol #3 which was no better than extra strength Tylenol. So my doctor just prescribed me vicoprofen 7.5/200 (1 tablet every six hours as needed). It helps more than the Tylenol #3 but I'm still in a bit of pain. Tylenol seemed to work pretty well but I needed way too much to control the pain. What are my options, and which one's are best?