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Would vicodine help severe tooth pain?

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MacIntosh12 1 Nov 2013

Yes, Vicodin would indeed help with severe tooth pain. Call your dentist, you need to find the reason why your tooth is hurting!
Best wishes to you,

blaze22 1 Nov 2013

Yes Vicodin is really good for tooth and jaw pain however there is quite a bit sensitivity you can have with certain foods, cold or hot in that specific area and if left to get worse even the strongest pain killer will do little to help but for a short period of time... have it looked at as soon as possible: I had major dental work 3 years ago and let things go too long. Best wishes Blaze22

Lorelle59 20 Dec 2013

Oh my goodness YES. My dentist had me on 750/325 4 a day. I had veneers put in and the process was very painful. I had to have 2 root canals and surgery on my gums. But even before all that I took it for TMJ.
Yes Vicodin is very helpful for tooth pain. Hope this helps! free discount card

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