Hi everyone. I have been reading this site for a couple of weeks and was the first place I thought to turn to .. given my current situation. I am on holiday in Mexico City and I ran completely out of my pills! I am looking at 3 days coldturkey and so scared.

I use about 10 - 12 pills a day. I take 4-5 when I get up and the same at evening time and 1-2 at noon. I took my usual this morning, and took the last two pills at 12 noon. I am now 9 hours off and worried. I am now hot, whereas I was normally cold. I am achy, nervous and bitchy! Getting refills is usually easy when I am home, but ive had no luck in Mexico City. I don't want to spoil our trip sitting at a doctor's office and I don't want to be bitchy for the remainder of our trip!

I am the first to admit I abuse the pills but I do, in fact, have back pain and it has been killing me. A pharmacist recommended Flotac and I bought it, but can't find information on it so refuse to take it.

The kicker is, I have been wanting to quit anyway, but imagined I would do it on managable terms, not cold turkey. So afraid right now and could use some words of encouragement.

I am 5'6, slender and my recent pill strength were of the 325 variety, but I have used 500/750 pills with the same general frequency of no less than 8 pills a day for about 4-6 months (it is frightening that I don't even know when I started!)