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Vicodin vs oxyxodone do they show seperate on a drug test?

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subzero58 3 Apr 2010

hi au, they both show up as an opiate. but if someone died or something crazy like that a blood test would be necessary to distinguish between the 2. but in a regular urine test they both the same.

fall queen 3 Apr 2010

Losts of drugs will come up the same, sometimes that is a good thing but I had to take a urine test a little over a year ago and I am on klonopin. Every " benzo" know to man came up ! I had to have bloodwork to prove it was only klonopin! Fall Queen

subzero58 3 Apr 2010

hi fall queen, every kind of benzo should have come up. benzos have 2 properties in comon klon have 5 of the 6 possible ingredients in them there is a new urine test that my clinic just starting using. different from the regular urine test. just to let you know. free discount card

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