Hello all - I have been on tramadol for over 3 years. My most recent prescription was for 100 mg 3 times a day. I illegally obtained enough to take 200 mg 3 times a day. I have been getting more and more withdrawal symptoms between doses. (pain, nausea, headaches, fatigue, cold sweats, rapid heart beat, insomnia, etc.)

I do not want to increase dosage because I know that it could cause even bigger problems, including death. Without explaining these embarrassing concerns to my Dr., I asked for my medication to be switched. He put me on 5/325 Norco which I know is a low dose.

I started taking this instead of tramadol for a day and my w/d symptoms intensified to an unbearable state. I then started taking the Norco along with about 1/2 the dose of tramadol I had been used to (300 mg instead of 600 mg per day). For right now, this is helpful but not perfect.

My plan is to wean myself completely off tramadol to the low dose of Norco only. I would then want to wean myself from that to some more natural solutions. From what I am reading, tramadol withdrawal is worse than Vicodin withdrawal. If my ultimate goal is to wean myself self from all opioids on my own with the least possible risk of relapse this plan makes sense. I have no history of drug abuse and this is the first time I made a concrete effort to stop tramadol.

Am I kidding myself? Are there pitfalls or danger signs I have not fully considered? I don't feel the depression or mental effects others describe here but the w/d symptoms are powerful and draining. The pain I have experienced with w/d even before making an attempt to cut down are much worse than the original pain. I wish I could go back in time and not choose the "easy fix" or "magic pill" to deal with chronic pain. I don't know what the answer will be to deal with the back pain but I am looking forward dealing with the real cause of my pain and not my brain's false interpretation clouded by unnatural chemicals.

Doe anyone have some advise or warnings in my unconventional plan? If I need to reach out for professional help I will but I am a strong person and would like to save myself the embarrassment. I want to fail at least once when applying full throttle effort before admitting the problem is bigger than me.