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Vicodin - Since new Dea rules for norco how many can you be prescribed monthly ??

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balbanese 9 Feb 2015

That's totally up to your Dr and has nothing to do with the new controls.

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shubba 9 Feb 2015

Thank you
because the LPN only sent in 60 instead of his 120. She is trying to say it's a new law???

balbanese 9 Feb 2015

There is a new law, however, it's her prerogative if she wants to write you more than a 30-day supply.

Many Drs will write 60 or 90-days for several reasons; one, they save you the office visit (some make you come in every 30-days), another is to take advantage of pricing, especially for generics I know COSTCO's pricing gets better as the quantity goes up, although now you can no longer use their (excellent) mail-in pharmacy, due to the reclassification you'll have to go to your local store.

At the same time however, with those quantities comes stricter accountability procedures, for example, short-notice spot checks; bringing in the bottle and taking an in-office urine test (at their expense), etc., which shouldn't be a problem for any legit patient.

If they're also restricting quantities that's news to me, as my Dr writes for 90-days. She could have had a restriction put on her or he office, or, she may just be trying to stay under the radar a bit by limiting the quantity per prescription.

balbanese 9 Feb 2015

Again, in the Dr's defense, she can basically do whatever she sets as her policy so long as it's within the guidelines (or possibly intimidation tactics) set by her, or for her.

When it comes to any Pain Med or other highly abused medication, things are getting very difficult for the legit patients in the name of "controlling" the abusive ones.

kaismama 9 Feb 2015

It is the number you are prescribed a day times 30 days.

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shubba 9 Feb 2015

Yes I know that, the LPN sent in new script but she cut it to 60 and hubby was getting 120. She is trying to tell us that is the new law??? Which I don't believe..

hahni 7 May 2015

I'm a bit confused--are you saying that the LPN reduced your husband's dosage without you knowing?

Teambirdman 13 May 2018

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