Hello, This is my first post but been reading the posts for the last month. I want to go cold turkey and get my life back. I've been taking 10-15 10/325 for the last year and are scared of the W/D. I just had a friend over that has help me with the some of the ?'s but there really kicking in. I have two kids and my wife is in the hospital and I want to do it for them. I've read the thomas receipe n do not want to go the vallium route. I did find some cyclobenzaprine would this help me with the aches n pains. So ppl say benadryl was there bigger helper. I also found 2 ultram and 2 alparozam. Just wondering what I should do? any help would be wonderful. I don't want to give up n I want to do the right thing. Thanks you everyone Its my time to stand up and get my life back!!!