... with MS. What do the #'s represent? I can bear the pain more when laying in bed and go without the pills but usually I take 2 and it lasts for 5 hours. I try to go for 6 hours w/o but then have to give in and take another 2.
The problem is compunded by lack of sleep and I am often up for 20 hours a day. My liver function tests come back normal but I want to get off of these.
Often I try to go 8 -10 hours without and then feel the symptoms of withdrawal (flu-ish) I don't understand half lifes. Since I am on disabilty with the MS, I can stay home and lay in bed to avoid taking these for a month in bed. Cold turkey is out of the question but if I take one 4 times a day I get no relief. Any suggestions on how to get off of these or down to 4 per day (in what amount of time?) Thank you. Greg