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Vicodin ES - what is the next step up from vicodin? they do not help me anymore?

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kaismama 13 Sep 2012

First dont ever ask your dr for a specific narcotic. It makes you sound like a drug seeker. Just tell him the vicodin isn't helping. Also I would try to get away from pills with tylenol in them, to get rid of the potential for tylenol overdose. There are many other drugs to chose from. Your doc will advise you on them.

balbanese 13 Sep 2012

Depends on why you get them in the first place. A reevaluation done by the prescribing physician will yield the solution, which may not necessarily be another medication, only your Dr. will know this. Hope this helps.

bubbys12 13 Sep 2012

I am taking it for back pain, disk degeneration

vickyjay76 15 Sep 2012

Vicodin doesnt work after your body s already has tolerance to it take urself off for a week or two get back on track with yourself take naproxen or indomethicin for swelling to go down and diet doctors know when your in legitimate pain they can see it so if nessesary be honest with your doc its not that big of a deal they either say yes or no good luck

kaismama 13 Dec 2012

Please don't advise a person to stop a med without working with there doctor. Depending on the drug, this can cause a real problem.

audragp 14 Apr 2014

If you are able to take yourself off of your pain meds for a week or more without being over come by debilitating pain then you don't need to be on them in the first place.

jencollins1973 13 Dec 2012

The next step from vicodin es (extra strength) is vicodin hp (high potency). ES is 7.5 and HPs are 10 mgs. Hope this helps

george44 18 Sep 2013

my own injury,reinjury,drove me to see a syquiatric dr,,, hypnotysum helps while it last,,, have to have fait and good luck togo to a good one (Profecional DR.) and take a time to think speak out other pacients of results. dont become junky its a life waist. free discount card

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