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Been on Vicodin for 3 years/now on10mg dose. Dr said Zydol may work better. Need advice?

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Lisa01 28 Jan 2013

Dear Bonnie,
Hello and welcome to the site! Zydol is another name for Tramadol. Tramadol is an opiod-like, non-narcotic pain medication. I would think it would not be quite as strong as the vicodin, but your body has become accustomed to the vicodin by now which is why it's probably not working as well for you as it used to. Sometimes a complete switch in medications is exactly what you need to achieve pain relief. While I've not found tramadol to be very effective for me personally, many other people (including my daughter) have found that it works quite well in relieving their pain. Doctors seem to be very willing to prescribe tramadol because it isn't a narcotic and only listed as a controlled substance in a couple of states. Unfortunately, tramadol has been found to have highly addictive properties, and the potential for abuse, just like narcotic painkillers. Anyone who has taken it for any prolonged length of time will need to be weaned off slowly, by the slow taper method, as abruptly quitting has been proven to cause seizures in some patients. Like I said before, sometimes a change in pain medications is exactly what a person may need in order to achieve successful pain management. And you might find that the zydol is highly successful in controlling your pain. If you decide to give it a try, I would suggest that you get your Dr to agree to a trial period with the agreement that he'll switch you back to the vicodin if it doesn't prove effective for you. I hope this was the advice/information you were looking for!
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