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Does vicodan come in a 15mg doseage beside the ever popular ES (7.5mg) usuall from a dentist.?

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MacIntosh12 17 Jun 2013

It does come in 10mgs (mixed with acetaminophen), of that I'm certain.
The 15 mgs is probably oxycodone, but I'm not positive, sorry.
Best wishes,
P.S. one of our very smart nurses can answer this definitively for you, sorry that I could not.

MacIntosh12 17 Jun 2013


thomas kissen 20 Jun 2013

Dear Laura,
Thank you for your eply. I has a wager with some guy a few days ago about this medication (Vicodin, 15mg.(. I had never heard of it before and have had numerour expeerience working in the government (in0patient) in Heifdelberg, Germany) as a D&A counselor and had acess to ppdr's and you know all the resources on medications. Anyway, I have only heard of Vicodin E-S (7.5 mg. along with the acetiminophin. I was certai he was full of it, but sometimes people seem to know it all. Anyhow I'll pass this along and waant to thank you for your reply. I very much appreciate your time and response. My wafe and daughter were both RN's, unfortunately, both passed away mot to ong ago way before their time. Again, thank you for your help and expertise.

Tom Kissen, NCAC II

DzooBaby 17 Jun 2013

As far as I am aware, it does not come in a 15mg dose. 2.5mg, 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg with varying amounts of acetaminophen are the doses I found. free discount card

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