... take x-rays ct scan and blood work, my vet the was her vet left the practice left with old vet her gave her a shot called telazol i didn't know at the time it had ketamine in it this is not safe for servals they have a small for their size liver, she was knocked out for 10 hours without trying to wake up then she went back to sleep for another 5 then tried to stand then laid their etc all total about 2 days to start acting halfway right, anyone help please thank you p.s took her back talked him to just use gas you know put hole cage cat and all in garbage bag tie up and add little gas until cat out he said she wouldn't go to sleep all they way, so he said she may have ear mites so he doctored for that but she still has same symptoms head shaking , scratching ears, nasal running , head tilting , off balance acts like her head hurts wants me to rub her head and ears,I was thinking polyp , but afraid to knock out again. ty