A grandparent of mine is concerned about requesting alprazolam from their Neurosurgeon. This veteran has been experiencing panic attacks, racing thoughts, and insomnia due to the ongoing progression of degenerative disc disease. Their main concerns are:

A.) "... You cannot just go in and ask for medications" and
B.) The overwhelming idea that this Veteran will be forced to give up their License to Carry a Firearm because they would likely be referred to a Psychiatrist and then classified as "unfit to carry" or "too unstable to carry."

For those wondering, we are in the State of Tennessee. However, I cannot find any documentation to support such claim, but they are assuring me that they have "read it online" (that they could lose their License to Carry).

Since this Veteran has an appointment w/ their Neurosurgeon more often that not, as well as several ongoing surgeries for their degenerative disc disease: do they have to worry about losing their license to carry? And what is the likelihood they could get an approved prescription from their Neurosurgeon as opposed to having to see a Psychiatrist? Will they even have to see a Psychiatrist? All of the aforementioned care does take place through the VA.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.