Hi everyone. Today is my first day on this site. I am scared to death because I was injured in an... airborne accident in 2007 and have been through 3 cortizone shots and 3 nerve blocks before my pain doctor released me. I went to my regular doctor and she put me on Vicodan for a few months. It helped a little but I was still waking up at night with pain and exhausted. She switched me to 10/325 oxycodone/acetaminaphen as well as zanaflex and I have been doing very well ever since. Last week I went in to get my meds refilled and she said she had read a magazine article that said vets with PTSD are at high risk for addiction. The WHO has now classified dependence, tolerance and addiction as all the same thing. I just got to where I am living life well. The Oxycodone does not make me drowsy or nauseous like the Vicodin did. My doc has referred me to a pain specialist. My appointment is tomorrow and I'm scared to death they won't help me. My boyfriend is a medical student and both his parents are doctors and they said I won't get my medicine because it's a schedule II narcotic and the DEA is arresting doctors for drug trafficking! PLUS there is a new study that came out this month about vets being given too many opioids. I have MRIs and legitimate issues but I just moved in with my parents in a new state/town because my dad is dying from cancer. They own a dog breeding business I am now responsible for. It is a lot of physical work and I am TERRIFIED. I hope I can hold it together for the first impression. Anyone have any suggestions on how to behave so they will continue my therapy as is without accusing me of being a "drug-addled, homeless baby-killer"?