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Can VET-KEM flea, tick, and bot spray be used on a pregnant adult cat for fleas?

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Inactive 12 Jul 2012

Sheila, if this is the same Vet Kem spray I use, it is for the carpet and furniture, not the cat. It does kill fleas and the eggs in the carpet. Do NOT use this on any cat, pregnant or not. Contact your vet to see what is safe for the pregnant kitty. Patti also, don't let the cat on areas you have used to treat for fleas for several hours to make sure the spray is dry and they don't get the wet spray on the pads of their feet, they can absorb things thru the pads.

Inactive 12 Jul 2012

Hello Shelia. Patti is right on. Its used for furnture etc. We use it in our home, having dogs and a stray cat.:-0) Best of wishes and good luck with the kittens! pledge

mommywoman 13 Jul 2014

No no no. Flea medicine was used on my sons cat that they didn't know was pregnant and 3 out of 4 kittens didd and one was born with birth defects. I adopted him from my son. Vet said the flea medicine caused the litter to be so bad.

mommywoman 13 Jul 2014

Do not use it on a nursing cat either as it will pass through the milk.

mommywoman 15 Jul 2014

I should not have assumed that the user of this product knew what to do. I was under the impression that this stuff was topical in which case I responded with dont use it on a pregnant cat. Now I see posts that this is a spray for carpets and furniture in which case you guys are right that you cannot use it on any cat, pregnant or not. So sorry I didn't post more responsibly.

WildcatVet 15 Jul 2014

HI, Sheila! Contact a (or your) veterinarian and DO NOT USE any OTC flea products on any cat, especially a pregnant cat.
There are very few products that are safe; I'd recommend Frontline or Revolution drops.
Best wishes, WildcatVet free discount card

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