Last week I started feeling stomach pains after I ate breakfast at work. I dealt with the light pain and as the day went on it got a little bit worse but not horrible. I took an off brand of pepto bismo, and it didn't feel much better but did work a little. I literally fell asleep right away, earlier then I ever have, and slept fine. The next morning right when I woke up I felt fine but as soon as I started moving It felt kinda painful again. I fought through it again while at work and didn't eat all day. Towards the end of the day I started to feel better but felt very hungry. (Haven't gone to the bathroom for 2 days.) I ate dinner and felt fine and went to sleep. The next day I went to work and felt fine all day, it was great. I ate like normal and still hadn't gone to the bathroom. Today I also felt fine and ate food like normal. While out shopping I finally felt a bowell movement and hurried to the bathroom. I went and a lot came out of me. I still felt fine but about 30 minutes after the pains came back and I felt completely horrible. I feel weak, in even more pain then the last two time, and extremely bloated. My friends and family have no good advice and I feel so horrible I can't do anything but lay down. I need professional help. Never felt this bad in my life. Please help.