i have been taking suboxone 8mg for about 2 and a half years now. at first they started me on 3 and it was to much so they moved me to 2 for about 1 year and a half. i eventually got down to one and have been at one for almost the last year. i have been experiencing very bad constipation lately, even more so now that i am down to one it seems. it seems that the only time i get the urge to go is when i take my pill at night but that isnt always the case. i do take 3 excedrin on average every day for headaches which i have had since i was a little boy. when i do manage to go it is very hard and very little as well as very large, large as in round. hence it is sometimes painfull to pass anything. every now and then it will become regular but it will only last for a couple of weeks and then im constipated AGAIN!!! i have taken dulcolax and that helps me pass a little bit but not much. i try to only take dulcolax when it gets really bad because of what i have heard about taking to many laxatives. i am working my way down to half of one suboxone and then hopefully no suboxone. im hoping i can accomplish my goal within the year. any help would be greatly appreciated. if there are any natural remedies that you guys know of i would love to hear them. i play in a band and we play out ALOT so i cant really afford to be laid up for a long period of time in case my health takes a turn for the worst. anyways, i thank you for your time and god bless, AARON.