Hi there I'm a 25 year old male. I just need to find out if anyone else is going through the hell that I am! And that I'm not losing my mind, cause at times I think I am!! I am so confused about how I am feeling and why I am feeling like this! I went to the GP weeks ago cause I was having suicidal thoughts and just really down! So she put me on zoloft and I started taken it! Being on it for a few days I started to get very weird thoughts about stuff!! Like how I didn't like things and had a real fear of them (silly things like tarmac and safety tape etc) and I keep having this thought that comes and goes out of no where, which I have no idea what it's it is (something expanding or that) and I freak out!! So after about 13 days on zoloft I said to my doc I was feeling like this and then she changed changed me to prozac. It's day 27 (4 weeks) on prozac and I thought I was getting better but then the thoughts come back and I actually have no hope at the min, keep having thoughts about life and why I'm hear and am I able to talk and think!! Just silly thoughts and I think I'm going to go crazy and my head is all over the place! I don't even know why i feel like this! I've started to excersise cause I know it can make you feel better but I'm so scared and confused cause this THING is taking over my life. My doc give me dizapam and told me to take it when needed or if it's is really bad take 2mg three times a day. But from what I've read on the net I'm afraid that if I do take it like that I will get used to it and it won't work. Is there any one who can give me some advise and if these antidepressants I am on will work. Also I for got to say I am having a mental assessment soon and I don't what to expect. Thanks