I've had general dizziness for nine months now. Started with feeling really tired in the mornings, then I was hit by BPPV which triggered strong vertigo at certain head movements, and general dizziness 24/7. All this was probably cause by a stressful life and working too hard. BPPV was cured after a month, but general dizziness continued to this day without getting better.

I have done a lot of tests, including brain MRI, blood tests for rheumatic problems, balance organ checks, etc, but they can't find anything wrong, so they concluded that I might suffer from depression. Started taking Lexapro 10 mg/day. Did nothing. Upped it to 15 mg/day. Nothing. Running out of options, can't find anything more to try.

I guess the only thing to do now is to stay in a relaxed environment and hope it heals by itself. Very limiting on my life style. Can't walk too far, or the dizziness increases. Can't do anything that requires concentration.

Anyone experienced this, and came out of it?