... heart attack and was a treadmill girl. All of a sudden last year when I would be on my treadmill my head would drop and I felt like I would pass out. I would get off and sit down and my heart would take off. I would sit and wait for it to go away. Didn't get it checked out till I about passed out into a patient's bed at the hospital I was working at. I was a housekeeper there and was mopping a floor. This all came on sudden and my life has totally changed. Had a stress test and went into vt as soon as I got off the treadmill. Had an ablation. Had a 2nd stress only to have the same thing happen again. In both cases they slapped the shock pads on me but had me cough hard many times and both times I eventually went back into sinus rhythm but the second time took about 10-15 mins. I am on cardizem 120 time release and do to my naturally low b/p have to take midodrine to bring it up as all arythmia meds lower b/p. I'm still here a year later but cannot exert myself. It's been a hard transition from go go go to now go very slow all the time. But I am greatful to still be here. My question is is there anyone out there had the vt happen like mine. Just fine no heart attack and all of a sudden it started? I have a cardioligist in Sioux City and have seen them at Mayo and no one can tell me why this started out of the blue. One is guessing my anomalies that I just found out I was born with might be causing it. It's just weird that I could drink a pot of coffee eat chocolate and power walk one day then the next day I can't tolerate any of it. I took Chantix off and on from 2006 to 2011 to qiut smoking. It was brought up briefly that that might have something to do with it. They want me to have a epicardial ablation(outside of heart) in Boston. The leading dr is there. My anomalies make it harder to do. I've got so many ??? 's and it's hard to find someone to talk to