My name is wendy. Im 40 years old Cottonmouth bite 2x's back of left ankle, 1x back of r ankle, sure of identification 3 people saw. Don't believe much venom was released, happened in creek under shallow water while trying to get daughter and self away. Immediate pain as if repeatedly having anKle/ feet hit with bat and burning swelling began quickly. Went to ER. They measured drew blood monitored for 2 hours and decided no antivenem, no tetanus shot, no antibiotics Lab work... they said looked good. Could not stand or walk. Sent me home w Ultram and IB profin 800mg. 2 days past Swelling slightly  increased not going down. Not able to stand or walk AT ALL. Fiancé drove me to diffrent hospital swelling and fang marks evident. Lab work came back looking ok still in pain, swollen, unable to walk. Gave steroid im injection and prednisone pack, suggested antihistamine. Sent home but can NOT STAND OR WALK. Has been 6 days I can't stand, walk, or care for myself in any way. I'm crawling to a bedpan. Swelling has not got down, have kept elevated have put some coold fabric packs on swollen areas, seems to help some woth tje burning. have been drinking echinacea tea, water, taken all meds prescribed- Ultram, benadryl,  prednisone, and ibuprofen 800mg.
Backs of legs up to thigh swollen, entire legs hurts and tender to even minimal touch. Bruising has darkened.swelling has NOT gone down. No red lines, No skin rotting.
PLEASE WHAT DO I DO.must relieve swelling to try to stand to go to bathroom and eat food. I'M SCARED! how do I eleviate the swelling. Please tell me what I need to do just to be able to stand briefly. They did not have anyone contact me and no sort of home health. Pain has subsided from 10 to 5 but if I try to stand the pain just putting food down toward floor is excruciating and foot with swelling can't bend to even attempt pressure to stand at all