... pointer finger just a little more than a week ago.
I was hospitalized for 2 days and received 4 vials of antivenin (CroFab). The antivenin immediately slowed down the progression of the intense swelling.
My hand and forearm swelled to about twice normal size. Most of the swelling is now gone, but a rock hard tissue(under the skin) is left at the bite site.
I tried to return to work after the hospital release (I work construction), but became really sick (over-all body sickness) immediately upon any work that
caused my body to sweat. I am actually the boss and wanted to show my guys that no snake bite was going to keep me away from work.
I have now given up that thought, and am just now trying to find the energy to make it through the day. I lack mental clarity, am dog ass tired, itch all over, and just feel like crap.
Am I reacting to the Copperhead venom, CroFab Antivinenin, or some kind of mental condition? I have no fear of snakes or worries of another copperhead bite. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Bob Venn