Hi i am currently on a reduced dose of venlafaxine after having a terrible reaction from an upped dose of 225mg... my original dose which i was on for over a year 180mg i did'nt feel was working so my psychiatrist upped my dose to 225mg... now prior to this i had been withdrawn from zopiclone 7.5mg for about 3 weeks then i went onto the upped 225 mg and when i tried my exercise routine which is high intensity interval training consisting of running in place and mountain climbers done at half n hour for 5 days a week and by the wayi was fine doing this when i was on the original 180 mg venlafaxine and was still on the sleeping tablets but ever since i quit taking the zopiclone and the upped dosage of venlaxine i can no longer workout as when i do i have a really bad reaction my blood pressure goes from really high to really low and i start feeling as if i am out of body and my tongue tingles my mouth goes dry and i cannot eat also my hands go cold it feels as if a am going to die i get hot and cold flushes i get very confused i have memory loss and slurred speech this affects me all night and even the next few days i am still not right even now after been off exercise for 3 weeks i am confused and get my words jumbled and my sentences come out wrong in speech and writing the doctors have reduced me from 225mg to 187.5mg and now `150mg which i have been on for a week and i am still getting panicky and lightheadedness and my vision is hazy like i am looking through a dirty window very strange very uncomfortable i am very worried i will not be able to exercise ever again and all my hard work will be ruined i was wondering does anyone know if this is from the withdrawl of zopiclone 7.5mg which i was on for 5 years or is it to do with the venlafaxine how long does it take the body to adjust to venlafaxine ? and how long do the symptoms from zopiclone withdrawl last which by the way i was in my opinion taken off too quickly ?