I was on venlafaxine for about half a year, only 37.5 mg because my body didn't react well to it. I was put on this medication, after trying 2 others for my depression. It's been about a month since I've been off of it.. I don't think I had any symptoms right away besides night terror, which I still have. About a week and a half ago I started feeling nauseous and had headaches everyday, but not the whole day, a couple of hours (any time during the day). It wasn't until yesterday i actually vomited. Today I woke up from a night terror, and didn't feel the best, I laid back down to make myself feel better but still have a mild headache, or maybe more of a throb.
Is this from my venlafaxine???
There is other possibilities that could be making me feel like this, except I'm not pregnant... even though I have symptoms.
Also - I'm 21 years old, 20 when I was put on it. The drug kind of took my personality away, I actually feel better off of it.
I am now only taking Wellbutrin, that I was put on a few months ago, and birth control. I'm tired of being nauseous and very sick of my vivid bad dreams.