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Venlafaxine - I have been taking it for 16 years @ 75mg a day will life improve?

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janiebme 29 Aug 2016

Hi gn73-
If you have not felt improvement after 16 years of being on Venlafaxine 75 mg, then it may be time to increase your dose and or change meds. Talk to your doctor about your alternatives. If you and your doctor decide to stop your med ask your doctor for a reduction schedule. Do not suddenly stop your Venlafaxine.
Hope life improves for you soon :)

WildcatVet 29 Aug 2016

Hi, gn! Either you are on too low a dose or the medication isn't working for you. Have you ever spoken to your doctor about this and what did he/she have to say?
Best wishes, Wildcat

Argoslass 1 Nov 2017

Hi 75 is quite a low dose for this medication. Its only a starting dose. Maximum I have taken is 425 (not suggesting you go that high unless you really need it). Also the effect on different chemicals increase with higher doses, firstly acting on serotonin, the happy chemical then noradrenaline for anxiety, then dopamine for pleasure. Ask if you can increase by 37.5, it might be all you need. Good luck.

gn73 1 Nov 2017

Thank you, I now discuss this with my doctor. I appreciate your your help, thanks.

trigabyte1 6 Nov 2017

I'd recommend changing meds. 75 is the base dose for treatment of depressive disorder. (37.5 is often used for neuropathic pain). 150mg is not unusual for MDD, which you may want to consider a diagnosis for if you've had no improvement in affect or function in 16 years. Most depressive episodes are limited, except in cases of untreated or improperly treated / diagnosed mental illness. free discount card

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