For the last two years I have been jumping from different anti depressants until I found venlafaxine about 6 months ago. venlafaxine really seemed to stabilise my mood. Until recently when a traumatic event in my job occurred where I had to stand up to my boss as she was bullying me. After this For four days straight I did not sleep and had all the symptoms of a Hypo Manic Depression episode. On the fourth day I visited my GP who referred me the the psychiatry facility for an assessment. I had never experienced a Hypo Manic episode before venlafaxine or since I have started taking it. But I was told the additional serotonin that was realeased whilst fighting back (verbally) counteracted with the serotonin in venlafaxine . The psychiatric nurse believed I was experiencing Hypo Manic tendencies but did not have Bipolar - just expressing some tendencies. At my meeting today with the psychiatrist which is 4 days after the Hypo ended - he believes I was misdiagnosed and I have Bipolar type 2 . What I am wondering is should I remain in venlafaxine with an additional dosage of Lithium to treat Bipolar? venlafaxine seemed to work for me during the last 6 months stabilising my mood to an even keel but due to the Hypo episode the psch I am seeing wants to change my medication altogether. If you have any advise I would really appreciate it!