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Venlafaxine - What is the highest dosage that can be given if 75mg isn't working anymore?

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Rkpublic 8 Apr 2016

The highest you can take is 300 mg. I was on 150 mg but I didn't like all the weight I gained. I hope you are doing fine. Good luck.

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WildcatVet 8 Apr 2016

Hi plowdenslager! The maximum dose for moderately depressed patients is 225mg/day; the dose for severely depressed patients is 375mg/day.
Since you're taking a low dose of 75mg an increase to 100 or 150mg/day would be reasonable.
Good luck and let us know what you choose to do and how it goes, okay?

WildcatVet 8 Apr 2016

PS, 300mg/daily was very effective for me with no side effects.

Hysterical 15 Sep 2018

What about the most effective dose for anxiety and depression ?

Argoslass 1 Nov 2017

Hi I've been on 425 but not suggesting you got on that high dose. They do a 37.5 dose so I would suggest you ask GP if you could try adding that to the 75.

trigabyte1 6 Nov 2017

Venlafexine is sold in multiples of 37.5 mg. Most people get either 37.5 (base for neuropathic pain) or 75 (base for psychopharmacotherapy). 150 is as high as I'd feel comfortable with unless you're working with a psychiatrist. 300 is the highest most docs would go, but my fellow commenter talking about doses >400 is not terribly unusual. Effexor has an interesting pharmacodynamic profile. An increase in dose does not yield the linear bump in benefits some might expect. It's really more an exponential boost as higher doses begin to affect new and different neurotransmitters. 37.5 will yield GABA-geric effects (pain, anxiety), 75 will begin to see the serotonin reuptake inhibited, 75-150 sees some good norepinephrine activity and at 150 and above you'll see some effects on dopamine transport. Check the wiki entry for venlafexine for binding affinities and explanation of each neurotransmitter function.

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