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I take venlafaxine ER 75mg daily at hs I am not able to have organism what can I do for this?

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Inactive 24 Dec 2012

Hello jetblue. Most all psychiatric drugs play some sort of negative role in libido, sexual performance. You might ask your doctor to adjust your dose. This sometimes helps to either solve or ease the problem. If it doesn't help or it is not possible todo so, another drug is perscribed to replace the Venlafaxine. Regards pledge

Inactive 26 Dec 2012

Hello Jetblue,
I was on Effexor XR for many years and had the same issues. I tried viagra, welbutrin, st. Johns Wart, and none worked for me. However, these have all, except viagra, been proven to work for many women. Viagra is still in the testing stage for female libido. I eventually had no problem with libido. Between therapy and hving my husband being a part of tht part of my thearpy, it worked itself out. Dont be afraid to talk to your doc about these things. I wud try welbutrin first. It has the highest success rate. Good luck! free discount card

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