I'm a 38 year old woman from Denmark that is looking for some advice and words of encouragement. I'm writing in this forum because the Danish forums don't help me much (not much written about it. Denmark is a pretty small country)
I have been on what is called Cipramil here in Denmark, since I was 21 years old for anxiety. Half a year ago I decided with my doctor to stop with the medicine. I was slowly put down in dose and when I finally was out of the medicine my anxiety came back x10. I was then put back on the Cipramil but it did not work any more. Then I was put on sertraline for 6 weeks. Sertraline did nothing for me either and my doctor changed my medicine to Venlaflaxin (I have heard that it is the same as Effexor)
I have been on 75 mg. Venlafaxine for 6 days and this morning I upped the dose to 150 mg.
I still feel lost of anxiety, I'm shaking and my heart is beating fast. When I finally find a positiv thought it disappear just as fast as it came.
I'm so scared that this medicine won't work and I really need to hear some positive experiences.
Is it normal to feel more anxiety in the beginning and when will it start to work?
Please help me with some words of relief