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Venlafaxine to cymbalta switching ok!?

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LaurieShay 23 Dec 2012

Even though these two antidepressants are in the same category, you should taper off the one before starting the other. If you do not taper off the venlafaxine slowly over time, you will experience withdrawals. You don't want to be experiencing withdrawals from the venlafaxine at the same time you may experience some initial side effects from starting the Cymbalta.

kaismama 23 Dec 2012

The appropriate way to switch antidepressents is to taper the one you're on and start the new one at a low dose, increasing the dose of the second while decreasing the dose of the other. Other wise you're going to have depression until the cymbalta is in your system.

Jax7 6 Jan 2013

My Consultant told me to taper Venlafaxine 75mg to 37.5mg per day and I experienced sadness, depression and occasionally suicidal thoughts. I am taking it for neuropathic pain, not depression. I have now been told to start Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 30mg for one week, as it's not good to come down on one drug without starting the new one and I will then increase to 60mg per day after one week. I am taking the 2 drugs together now and feel extremely dizzy, disorientated and tired. I've also got a headache. Has anyone else experienced these things when tapering down Venlafaxine and starting Cymbalta (Duloxetine)?

kaismama 6 Jan 2013

Maybe you should have started with 20 of the cymbalta. free discount card

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