On some pages I've read that Venlafaxine extended-release capsules should not be chewed or crushed, or opened and mixed with water. However, I can not find any information about WHY this could give rise to a negative reaction, and what kind of reaction this might be.

My issue is that I had not read this until I opened a capsule and swallowed half of the content in a 37,5 mg capsule with water. Since that morning I've been very numb in my skin and it was three weeks ago without any sign that the sensation would return. This was my fourth day on the medication and I did not get this reaction until I experimented with the dosage.

My worries are that this mistake have given me permanent damage. Could Venlafaxine be that dangerous if taken in a wrong way like this? I would be very grateful for any information about what kind of negative reaction this chewing, splitting or too fast absorption with water could possibly lead to.

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