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Should I take venlafaxine before bedtime or when I wake up?

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Shawnee251 24 Sep 2016

I have been taking Effexor for many years now so I can share my experiences with you. If you just started taking this medication then my advice is to take it before bed. Effexor can cause nausea and/or sleepiness while your body is adjusting to the medication and I found it best to sleep through these temporary side effects. Otherwise, its just a matter of preference. The important point is to take the pill(s)approx same time everyday for it to be most effective. This is a great medication and was a life saver for me. You should feel better soon!! Good luck!

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WildcatVet 24 Sep 2016

I agree with Shawnee. I took mine at bedtime.

Redtruckjoe 25 Sep 2016

Thank you for your advise and I so hope you're right about feeling better. It's only been a few days but I think I'm feeling better.

WildcatVet 26 Sep 2016

Some people do report feeling better within the first few days and weeks; for others it can take three to four weeks to feel the full benefits. Keep a positive outlook and see the good things in each day.

Mumof2 24 Sep 2016

I used to take mine split some in am some at pm. When my dosage was upped to 300mg I was advised to take it in the morning as I found it more of a stimulant at this dosage. Maybe it depends on your dosage, preferance and what works best for you. Just always remember to take it or it will remind u. I have only good things to say about this drug apart from sweats and dreams but I can cope with that :-) good luck free discount card

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