Hello all ,my name is Chris. I have just recently joined this group and wanted to just kinda give my two cents on the subject. ~~ I've been on the med Venlafaxine for over 5 years now ,and though I've had my ups and downs with the meds ,I have also found some other things I can do to help along the way.
1. Exercise ,yeah ,I know ,if your not a health buff it's pretty hard to keep with it. But it does help with my mood stability.
2. Meditation. Another one that was a bit harder for me to learn but it helps me as a stress reliever.
3. Deep Belly Breathing. This is almost like meditation in my book because it takes a bit of relaxing and concentrating on breathing techniques.
I'm no doctor in any way ,but I gotta say that these 3 things have helped me in this long windy road. I hope this is helpful to some people out there. I do wish all of you to have faith and love in your journeys throughout life.