I have been on venlafaxine 225mg for three weeks. I have slowly worked my way up from 75mg. I have ever been on this medication before. In the past few bouts I have been on 60mg Prozac and 1000mg lithium slow release. I moved cities and the doctors here didn't get my notes from where I used to live and put me on Effexor. I know it is meant to be better but I'm sure I felt better at this time last time on the Prozac and lithium combo. I also have burning itchy skin on my face and I am one of those girls who doesn't like to go out without makeup on and this morning I had to as I woke up with red sore bumps on my forehead and now the rest of my face is burning. I'm almost certain it's the venlafaxine. The other thing I don't like too is my heart is always racing and I feel anxious. I think maybe I should get tapered off these pills and go back to Prozac as they have always worked in the past. What do you guys think??