I'm having the most horrible, scary symptoms ever and I just wondered if anyone is feeling the same??? I have white coat syndrome as well as depression and generalised anxiety disorder, and I'm petrified on how this is making me fee!!!
I'm having like funny breathing episodes where it feels like my body isn't breathing enough for my body.
When I finally get to sleep I wake up very suddenly thinking or feeling like I've stopped breathing!!
Not a pain but like a "fluffy" tummy, or around that area, like right in the middle of my torso above my tummy button
Hot flushes and feeling like my insides are trembling,.
Shoulders are aching
My poor husband has had it both barrels as I'm so angry and cross!!!
Uncontrollable outbursts... Tears/shouting/saying really hurtful things!!
I'm heartbroken and very frightened on how I'm feeling!!! Please tell me someone feels the same, or has done!! and how long is this going to last??
Thank you for reading!!!
Sarah :-)