I suffer from ADHD taking Concertta and I have been trying to accommodate its side effect of high blood pressure using Hypertension medication. But they have their own side effects and I am not sure if vasodilation is a solution.
I have noticed that when my blood pressure is "normal" 130s-140s/70s-80s I have very high heart beat at rest but when my blood pressure is high 160s-170s/80s-90s my heart beat is normal at 78-80 bpm. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
I have also been told that my arteries and blood vessels are in pretty good shape despite my age (55). There are no hardening and pretty elastic.
I have tried all sort of things Statin doesn't agree with me at all. CCB, ACE/ARB inhibitors all cause psychosomatic symptoms, insomnia, nightmares, irritablity not to mention liver enzyme activity surge, tics, cramps. back ache.
I had a aortic valve replaced three years ago (before ADHD diagnosis) and after the operation it took ages to stabilize my heart beat. They put me on a small dose of Ramipril which was fine until I had to increase it when I was prescribed concertta. I am thinking it is my irregular heart beat and not the blood pressure that is exacerbated by methyphenidate and vosodilation is being pushed too far.
Any idea? If it is my heart that is misfiring then that should be considered in changing from methyphenidate.